Top 5 SSO Tools in 2023
  • Integrating SSO (Single Sign-On) tools into your referral program can help you save time, eliminate complexity, and ensure that your customers always have a smooth experience. With SSO, customers can log in to your site using their existing credentials, rather than having to create a new account for every referral program. This can help increase customer engagement, as customers won’t have to remember multiple usernames and passwords. SSO also makes it easier to track referrals, as customers will always be logged in to the same account when they make a referral. This gives you greater insight into the effectiveness of your referral program, helping you optimize it more quickly. And with the top SSO tools, customers can share their referral codes with friends more easily, as they don’t have to keep track of a separate username and password. So if you’re looking to engage more customers and increase the success of your referral program, integrating the best SSO platforms is a great way to do it.

    In this post, we will share with you the top SSO tools available in the market and their features. Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments.

    Our List of Top 5 SSO Tools

    1. AWS SSO

    AWS SSO, one of the best SSO platforms, provides a single way to authenticate and gain access to Amazon Cloud applications for organizations that use mainly Amazon resources and software. This is especially helpful for enterprises that wish to take advantage of on-premise services such as Active Directory to authorize users accessing AWS cloud services. Technicians employing the AWS command line interface and accessing SDKs can also authenticate with their SSO credentials from that application. 

    Key Features:

    1. Handles Amazon user accounts
    2. Supports SAML 2.0 ldP, AWS SSO, and Active Directory
    3. Numerous involved applications

    AWS SSO is particularly helpful for organizations that already have AWS tools and the infrastructure in place. If you’re just starting out using AWS, you might find the interface a little hard to navigate, but it’s easy to get the hang of it.


    Unfortunately, AWS SSO does not offer a free trial as of now. It comes as a part of AWS System Manager.

    2. OneLogin

    OneLogin provides extra protection with its sessions by using password-based authentication, two-factor authentication, and context-aware access. These features are common among single sign-on tools, yet contextual awareness gives an extra safeguard. This is achieved through observing user activity and comparing it to the standard pattern of the past. Machine learning can identify potentially hazardous logins and either inform the security staff or mandate a stricter authentication process. This approach reduces the number of times users require two-factor authentication while still preserving the security of their accounts.


    You can request a 30-day trial, which offers you access to cloud directory, custom reports, desktop and mobile SSO, and even VPN integration. In addition to the traditional desktop authentication, OneLogin also provides the option of authenticating through a social media profile, making it really quick to log in. 

    3. Duo Security

    Duo Security offers a high level of cybersecurity to organizations of all sizes. It offers multifactor authentication, remote access, and SSO that can be deployed within minutes. Users can log in once to gain access to all your applications, including training platforms, referral programs, shopping stores, and more. 


    The SSO platform offers free access to up to 10 users. You can upgrade at a nominal price of only $3 per user per month.

    4. JumpCloud

    Jumpcloud SSO tool provides an effortless, secure, and seamless way of accessing a wide array of web and on-premise applications from any place. Employees can access multiple applications with a single set of credentials. Among the significant features are the capability of IT to generate multiple teams based on division or application needs and immediately assign them application forms, automation of onboarding, access applications through SCIM, SAML 2.0, and LDAP, user accounts management, user-friendliness, and superb service. 

    The SSO tool makes it really easy to enforce MFA and SSO to ensure that the login process is seamlessly convenient. Users can log in to your website and your referral program with a single login.


    The basic package is available at $2 per user, per month.

    5. SecureLogin SSO Tool

    SecureLogin provides a single sign-on (SSO) facility for any web or application accessed from the desktop, with no need for a backend system to be deployed or managed. Plus, it has preconfigured applications and centralized control of authentication protocols. 

    Moreover, SecureLogin offers a broad range of authentication procedures, such as smart cards, tokens, proximity cards, and biometrics, apart from the usual usernames and passwords. This makes it possible to facilitate authentication without having to rely on usernames and passwords every time your user tries logging in.

    Since the requirement for business people to have remote access to business systems is increasing at an impressive pace, SecureLogin is a great solution. It works in both connected and disconnected states, enabling users to access SSO from anywhere, thereby boosting the effectiveness of business teams. Not just that, with SecureLogin SSO tool, you will be able to offer your referral program users positive customer experiences by saving time and effort while logging in, making it easy to authenticate identity before accessing digital records and offering robust security with two-factor and multifactor authentication.


    With SSO platforms, companies can reduce the time it takes to access their business applications and systems and boost user adoption. We hope our list of the top 5 SSO tools in 2023 has helped you make an informed decision. 

    But, remember, SSO isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It needs to be designed and implemented in a way that better addresses your specific business needs.

    Also, logging in with just a single identity, however, isn’t enough. Customers expect a level of security and protection that they only get with multifactor authentication (MFA). Most of the SSO tools available today offer a higher degree of security, so you can easily choose a provider that matches your business needs. Feel free to check out our list of top push notification tools in 2023 to see how you can engage your customers better.

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