5 Top Quiz Maker Tools in 2023
  • Quizzes have become an increasingly popular way to engage customers and grow brands. The top quiz maker tools in 2023 are a great way to create an interactive and educational experience for your audience, allowing you to capture valuable customer data and gain insights into your target market. By creating interactive quizzes, you can provide valuable content to your customers while also getting to know them better. 

    Apps for making quiz are a great way to create engaging content that encourages customer interaction and drives brand growth. They can be used to educate customers on a variety of topics, as well as to collect valuable customer data that can be used to inform future marketing campaigns. The top quiz maker tools are a great way to make your brand stand out and to engage your customers in a meaningful and interactive way.

    Benefits of using top quiz maker tools

    Quizzes are a great way to engage customers and boost brand loyalty, as well as to increase customer retention rates. By converting your content into a format that is both fun and educational, you can provide your customers with something that is truly valuable. Next to e-commerce, quiz sales have been growing steadily and are now among the most popular ways to monetize online content. 

    Quiz maker tools are a great way to create and distribute quizzes, allowing you to engage your customers in a new and exciting way. 

    One of the main benefits of using the top quiz maker tools is that they allow you to create a truly engaging experience. By using these tools, you can help to build trust and draw in potential customers by providing them with detailed information they can use to make informed decisions. This can be especially helpful for B2B brands, as it provides potential clients with the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

    How to use quiz maker tools to gather customer data

    One of the best ways to use popular quiz maker tools is to gain valuable insights into your customers’ preferences and purchasing habits. This allows you to better understand your target market and to create more personalized and relevant content. You can use these insights to create more informative and helpful content, allowing you to better serve your customers. You can use the top quiz maker tools to create a variety of different quizzes, each with its own purpose. By creating different types of quizzes, you can gain insights into a variety of different topics. 

    Personality quiz – Personality quizzes are great for getting to know your customers better and are a great way to drive engagement. By taking advantage of the “dislike” button, you can get to know your customers better and understand their preferences and interests. You can use your brand’s personality quiz to get to know your customers better and engage them in a new and exciting way. 

    Interest and preference quiz – Interest and preference quizzes are great for collecting data related to a specific product or service. You can use this information to inform your content creation process and create a more personalized experience for your customers. You can also use these results to offer your customers more personalized recommendations. 

    Customer loyalty quiz – Customer loyalty quizzes are great for understanding the experience of your current customers. You can use these top quiz maker platforms to better understand what your customers like about your brand and what they would like to see more of.


    What are quiz maker tools?

    Quiz maker tools are online platforms that allow you to create and distribute quizzes. These online quize maker tools make it easy to create an interactive and engaging experience for your customers. There are a variety of different top quiz maker tools available, each with its own unique features and benefits. These tools make it easy to create high-quality and engaging content, which is important for growing your brand and increasing engagement. Quiz maker tools make it easy to create innovative and interactive content, as well as to track its performance and measure its success. They are a great way to engage customers and provide them with a highly valuable experience.

    We will now look at some of the best quiz maker tools.


    Top 5 Quiz Maker Tools in 2023

    1. Octane AI

    octane ai quiz maker tool

    Octane AI is a feature-rich quiz maker platform that makes it easy to set up quizzes and surveys to boost your referral program performance. Through Octane AI, you can catch the attention of your audience with a quiz or survey window. The info acquired by the quiz aids in determining the most suitable product advice for the visitor. 

    This AI-supported system joins your Klaviyo email and SMS campaigns with the data collected from quizzes. Apart from Klaviyo, it allows you to link with Recharge, Alloy, Zapier, and other services. It gives you the option to do sophisticated customizations for custom outcome pages and CSS. 

    It has pre-made quiz layouts that you can use or design a quiz from the beginning. Through these quizzes, you can recommend items, get feedback, help gift shoppers, and more.


    2. Thrive Quiz Builder

    thrive quiz builder software

    Thrive Quiz Builder is a nifty quiz making tool that is available as a plugin for WordPress. It lets you create different kinds of quizzes, such as personality type quizzes, percentage-based quizzes, multiple choice quizzes, and more. It comes with a host of features. You can do A/B testing, assign badges to users, and even include images in your quizzes. 

    The quiz maker plugin offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The company has clubbed all of its products as a single offering, so you get a lead generator, themes, quiz builder, and more.

    You can access all the features of this top quiz builder app for $99 per quarter.


    3. Interact

    interact quiz building software

    Interact is another popular quiz maker tool for businesses of all sizes. It makes lead generation and subscriber list building an easier task. It comes with pre-designed templates that you can use to quickly set up snazzy quizzes that boost user engagement and also segment your users based on demographics.

    This top quiz maker app offers simple customizations so you can match the look and feel of your website. It also integrates seamlessly with most marketing tools. 

    With the quiz maker’s branching logic feature, you can create intriguing quizzes that offer different results. You can also use analytics to get detailed insights into your quizzes’ performance.

    You can start with a 14-day free trial and upgrade to the Lite plan at $39 per month.


    4. Playbuzz

    playbuzz top quiz building tools

    If you are looking for completely free top quiz maker tools, Playbuzz can be the quiz making app you are looking for your business. It is powered by a self-serve platform that allows you to instantly place custom quizzes at different places within your website. 

    You can A/B test quizzes and gain actionable insights into your quizzes’ performance. 


    5. Qzzr 

    qzzr top quiz maker tools

    Qzzr, now a part of Riddle, is among the best quiz maker tools available. It allows you to generate a list of qualified leads. You can easily create ready-to-start customizable quizzes within minutes. It allows you to target users with relevant offers based on quiz results.

    It’s a great way to boost sales for your business. Plus, the popular quiz maker tool integrates with social media platforms effortlessly to ensure that your quizzes reach a larger audience.


    How to measure the success of your quiz

    One of the most important steps in using these top quiz maker tools is measuring the success of your quiz. Tracking your quiz’s performance allows you to better understand your customers and to make more informed decisions moving forward. You can use analytics software to track the performance of your quiz and to understand your customers better. You can use this data to understand what your customers want and to create more personalized content. It’s important to track your quiz to ensure that it’s performing as expected. This will allow you to make necessary adjustments and ensure you are reaching your target audience.

    We hope our list of the best quiz maker tools in 2023 will help you boost user engagement for your business. Remember, the objective behind creating quizzes is to increase engagement on your website, so always ensure that your questionnaire matches your business objective. Push notifications are another tool you can use to encourage your users to return and repurchase from your brand. Here’s our list of the top 5 push notification platforms, just in case you’d like to see how you can use them to create successful engagement programs.


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