Top 5 Free Leaderboard Tools in 2023 for Gamification & Motivation
  • Everyone loves a good challenge! That’s why leaderboards are such a great way to motivate people, whether it be in the workplace, in an online community, or in a game. Free leaderboard tools give people something to strive for and a way to measure their progress. The best leaderboard tools can provide the perfect atmosphere for competition and collaboration, helping to engage, challenge, and motivate your users. 

    However, with so many free leaderboard tools available, it can be hard to choose the best one for your needs. Here we present the top 5 leaderboard tools in 2023 for gamification and motivation. From ranking players in real-time, to setting up customizable dynamic leaderboards, these tools are sure to give you the competitive edge you need.

    What are Free Leaderboard Tools?

    A gamification leaderboard software is a visual representation of data showing the ranking of your users, offering an engaging view of your top performers. These motivate your customers to share more personalized referrals that convert better.

    Businesses running referral programs use top leaderboard software actively to build user engagement and participation.

    Your free leaderboard software can be static or dynamic. Static leaderboards are fixed and don’t automatically update in real time, whereas dynamic leaderboards do. This is what makes leaderboards so engaging. 

    Free leaderboard tools can be displayed on a website, mobile app, or even on TV. If you have ever played a video game and been placed on a leaderboard, you know the sense of satisfaction and motivation it can give.


    Benefits of Top Leaderboard Software

    • A leaderboard can help encourage people to try harder and perform better than they normally would. 
    • It also creates a sense of competition between peers that can be great for increasing productivity and creativity. 
    • Leaderboards also show people where they stand in relation to others, which can be a great way to track progress. 
    • They can also be used as a reward system, where people who reach the top of the leaderboard are rewarded in some way.


    Our List of Top 5 Free Leaderboard Tools


    1. is a popular leaderboard platform

    This is a free-to-use leaderboard tool. You can try the demo without having to enter your credit card details. It’s a free leaderboard and scoring app that lets you rank your users based on their performance. 


    1. Perform auto-calculations: The leaderboard app does all the hard work for you by performing any kind of scoring. 
    2. Multiple judges: If you need a few impartial judges to score, each one can log in on a different device and enter their scores without seeing what the others have submitted. This is a great way to make sure everybody is being fair.
    3. Mobile-ready leaderboards: The leaderboards are mobile-ready. This means you can both submit and access scores wherever you are.
    4. No Coding Required: The free leaderboard app is available as website widgets that can be used to embed results into websites or apps without the need for any prior programming knowledge.


    2. Gamipress – one of the top leaderboard software 

    Gamipress is a leading gamification platform that offers leaderboards and quiz makers

    This is one of the most popular free gamification leaderboard tools and provides a straightforward approach to making your WordPress site engaging and rewarding for users with digital awards for interacting with your site. It is available for free as a plugin. It only requires a few minutes to set up. You can set up achievements and configure multiple rules and conditions for your users to level up or rank up the leaderboard.


    1. Unlimited Achievement Types: This WordPress leaderboard plugin allows you to set up nearly unlimited achievements.
    2. Unlimited Rank Types: You can set up several rank types.
    3. Social Sharing: Your users can share their achievements, badges, and rank attained on popular social networking sites.
    4. Drag and Drop Interface: You can easily customize leaderboards to match your website’s theme.
    5. Email Notifications: Users receive notifications about level-ups and their progress.


    3. – free leaderboard software for sports teams is one of the best free leaderboard tools for businesses

    Keepthescore is a professional leaderboard maker tool that comes with customizable themes. It’s a simple gamification leaderboard tool that’s free to use. 


    1. Completely customizable: Create leaderboards that match your website’s theme and feel. Choose your own colors and logos to display.
    2. Ready-make Themes: Choose from a collection of pre-designed themes that make it easy for you to get started.
    3. Update in Real-Time: Submit scores from your end and display results in real time.
    4. Data Import: Pull scores and results in bulk from an excel sheet.


    4. allows brands to create beautiful leaderboards

    This is among the top free leaderboard tools that allow you to keep track of participants’ scores. It is free of charge and doesn’t require your users to sign-up. You can set up leaderboards for up to 150 players and commence score tracking instantly. There is no need to download, install or register, eliminating friction in participating.


    1. Responsive leaderboards: Allows you to create leaderboards that are 100% responsive and designed for all screen sizes.
    2. Sharable: Participants can share the results via a live link.
    3. Real-time update: Scores are updated in real-time, making performance tracking effective.
    4. Customizable interface: The leaderboard tool allows you to customize colors, theme, and logo. 


    5. SkillShark

    skillshark is a free leaderboard tool for athletes and sportspeople

    SkillShark is a comprehensive top leaderboard software for sports teams and brands that allows you to perform advanced participant evaluation apart from displaying participant ranking on a neatly-designed leaderboard. It offers free trial for up to 25 participants.


    1. Advanced analytics: Easily compare participants and track data to evaluate participant progress.
    2. Report Cards: Create participant report cards in an instant and share it with them.
    3. Update in Real-Time: Submit scores from anywhere – mobile phone or website.
    4. Mobile App: This popular leaderboard platform is available as a mobile application.



    Free leaderboard tools are an incredibly versatile and effective way to motivate and engage people. They can be used to track anything from the sales of products to the amount of exercise a person does. When creating a leaderboard, it’s important to choose a tool that gives you the functionality you need. When looking for the best leaderboard tools, make sure it has the features you need and that you can customize your leaderboard to fit your needs. With the top leaderboard software, you can create a competitive, engaging atmosphere that will help you reach your goals. We have also compiled a list of the 6 best spin wheel tools that help you engage your customers.


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