5 Top Digital Badge Platforms in 2023 for Superior Customer Recognition
  • ‘Thank you’ emails and cards are a good way to make your customer and employee feel valued.

    But let’s go a step ahead.

    Things are changing. Brands are coming up with innovative ways to recognize their users. One novel way to engage your users is by assigning them digital badges.

    So, what are they?

    Digital badges, also known as virtual badges, have become an increasingly popular way to reward customers and increase customer engagement. This is why the top digital badge platforms are coming up with better features and ease of integration. By providing digital badges to customers, businesses can create a sense of accomplishment and reward customers for completing tasks or engaging with the business.

    Digital badges create a sense of community among customers, encouraging them to interact more with the business and share their experiences with others. They also help to build loyalty and trust by providing customers with recognition and rewards for their efforts. Digital badges provide customers with a sense of ownership, reinforcing the idea that their loyalty and engagement is appreciated and rewarded. This ultimately leads to increased customer engagement and loyalty, resulting in more opportunities for businesses to build relationships with customers.

    Top dynamic leaderboards are another effective tool for engaging your users – customers or employees.


    Benefits of Digital Badges

    As mentioned above, the top digital badge platforms are a great way to increase customer engagement. In addition, digital badges can help businesses achieve a variety of other goals, including: 

    • Increase customer loyalty
    • Build stronger relationships with customers
    • Improve return on investment (ROI)
    • Grow brand awareness
    • Create a sense of community among customers
    • Encourage customers to share their experiences
    • Create a sense of accomplishment
    • Improve customer retention rates

    Each of these goals can help businesses ultimately improve their profits. And, when done strategically and effectively, digital badges are a great way to achieve each of these goals.


    Examples of Digital Badges

    1. Achievement Badges: Achievement badges help customers to track their progress as they engage with or use a product or service. Achievement badges are often given for reaching certain milestones, such as a certain number of hours spent using a product or service, or a certain number of actions completed. Achievement badges can help customers to feel more involved with the product or service and provide a visual way to track their progress.
    2. Engagement Badges: Engagement badges are given to customers as a way of recognizing their participation in certain activities. Engagement badges can be awarded for activities such as following the business on social media, sharing articles or content, or making purchases. Engagement badges are particularly useful for businesses that want to encourage customers to engage with them on social media.
    3. Recognition Badges: Recognition badges are given to customers and employees for their achievements. Recognition badges can be given for positive actions or as a way of thanking customers for engaging with the business.


    How to Use Digital Badges to Build Customer Engagement

    The top digital badge platforms can be used to encourage customers to engage with a business in a variety of ways. By understanding how you want to use digital badges, you can determine which types of badges would be most effective for your business. For example, achievement badges are often given to customers who are participating in a contest or challenge. 

    Engagement badges, on the other hand, can be given as a way to acknowledge participation in certain activities, such as joining a special rewards program, making purchases, or sharing content online. 

    Similarly, recognition badges can be used to thank customers for their positive actions and as a way of reinforcing a business’ values and brand. While each type of badge has a different purpose, they all have the potential to increase customer engagement.


    Tips for using Top Digital Badge Platforms

    While digital badges are a great way to increase customer engagement and encourage customers to participate in various activities, it is important to remember that not all badges are created equally. Badges that don’t make sense or don’t align with a business’s goals and values are highly unlikely to be effective. 

    The best digital badges have a clear purpose, are based on the business’s values, and are relevant to the customers being rewarded. If a badge doesn’t make sense, customers are unlikely to be engaged. 

    Similarly, if a badge doesn’t align with a business’s values, customers are unlikely to be motivated by it. When digital badges are used effectively, they can be a powerful tool for increasing engagement among customers.


    Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Badges

    Before implementing digital badges, it is important to determine how you will measure their effectiveness. By knowing how you will measure your progress, you will be able to determine whether or not the best digital badge platforms are helping to achieve your desired goals and make adjustments as necessary. Some ways to measure the effectiveness of digital badges include: 

    • Number of customers who engage with the business
    • Amount of time customers engage with the business
    • Level of customer loyalty
    • Number of repeat purchases
    • Engagement on social media
    • Level of brand awareness
    • Number of customer referrals
    • Amount of referrals converted to customers
    • Amount of revenue generated from referrals
    • Level of customer retention


    Our List of the 5 Top Digital Badge Platforms


    1. Sertifier

    sertifier digital badge creation platform

    Sertifier is among the best digital badge platforms available. It allows you to distribute digital badges and certificates to your employees and users quickly. Businesses can easily save time by using the badge and certificate generator. You can also promote your brand online by sharing beautiful, flawless certificates and badges on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. It can be integrated with third-party applications and LMS platforms to improve its functionality. 


    • API for custom integrations
    • White-labeled solution
    • SO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant
    • Instant bulk publishing


    The popular digital badge platform is available for free for up to 20 users. Businesses can upgrade to the Essentials plan for $225.


    2. Credly

    credly for creating digital badges

    Uncover the potential of your uses and boost profiles with Credly, one of the top digital badge platforms in 2023. It allows you to generate digital badges that boost your users’ performances. Never let a single accomplishment go unrecognized and create a positive environment for frequent purchasing, learning, and upskilling. Credly is an excellent digital badge solution for employees. Earners can stand out to recruiters with authenticated certificates. 


    • Metadata mapping
    • Social sharing tools
    • Enhanced analytics
    • 3rd-party integration available


    Available upon request


    3. Accredible

    accredible digital badges platform

    Accredible ranks high on our list of top digital badge platforms in 2023. It helps you easily celebrate valuable achievements and incentivize desirable behavior. It comes with a free badge designer that lets you create visually appealing custom badges that align with your engagement program objectives. 


    • Open Badge 2.0 Certified badges
    • Custom badge designer
    • Detailed reports linked to badges
    • Meta-data encoded


    Annual plan starts from US$960.


    4. Badgr

    With Badgr’s digital badge platform, you can develop your own organization’s recognition and acknowledgment program. It is a user-friendly digital badge creation platform that allows you to build learning courses for customers and employees. Badgr also provides pathways to analyze user interaction patterns. Users can share earned badges and achievements effortlessly on popular social media platforms. 


    • Badge expiration alerts
    • Dynamic leaderboards
    • Pre-designed templates
    • Group membership management


    The popular digital badge platform is available for free. You can request a quote for Badgr Pro if you would like to upgrade.


    5. BadgeCert

    badgecert digital certificate platform

    Brands can take advantage of BadgeCert’s cutting-edge digital badge platform. It allows you to manage the entire process from creating, issuing, storing, and distributing badges. Your badges can be used to authenticate your users’ skills, achievements, contributions, and experiences. BadgeCert’s badges and certificates are completely secure and verifiable. Plus, you’ll have access to analytics tools, real-time data, and multilingual support. The popular digital badge platform integrates with CRM and LMS platforms. 


    • Advanced analytics report
    • Upload custom artwork
    • Create multiple admin accounts
    • Custom badge expiration rules
    • Social sharing of achievements


    Annual plan starts at US$1000 for up to 500 users.



    Digital badge platforms can be a powerful tool for increasing user engagement. Used effectively, they can help businesses achieve a variety of goals while increasing user loyalty and improving customer retention. When selecting a badge, it is important to consider the intended purpose and make sure the badge aligns with your business’ values and goals. To effectively use digital badges, businesses should determine how they will measure their effectiveness and make sure their badges have a clear purpose. We hope our list of the 5 top digital badge platforms in 2023 will help you boost customer user engagement and can help you achieve your business goals.


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