5 Top Upsell Tools for Shopify eCommerce Websites
  • Shopping online has become an integral part of day-to-day life for many consumers. With the help of eCommerce websites like Shopify, businesses are able to reach a larger audience and create a more efficient customer experience. However, despite the numerous benefits that Shopify provides, it can be difficult to maximize revenue. Fortunately, there are a variety of top upsell tools for Shopify available to help e-commerce websites generate more revenue. 

    By leveraging these Shopify upsell tools, businesses can better promote products and services, increase average order value, and make the most of their customer base. With the right upsell tools for eCommerce stores in place, Shopify eCommerce websites can jumpstart their revenue and make the most of their digital storefront.

    Benefits of Upsell Tools

    Upsell tools have the potential to greatly increase revenue. By encouraging customers to purchase related items, online retailers can increase their average order value. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that sell products in bulk, such as groceries or cleaning supplies. 

    For example, if a customer purchased two cans of branded soda, an upsell tool might prompt them to add a few more cans to their order by offering a discount on the total value. This could encourage customers to purchase a larger quantity without dramatically increasing their shipping costs. 

    This can help businesses drive higher profit from each customer purchase. Upsell tools can also help businesses drive repeat sales. Customers who are satisfied with their initial purchase are more likely to make additional purchases in the future. This can help businesses increase customer retention and encourage customers to purchase more items with each order.

    Optimizing the Customer Experience

    To optimize the customer experience, businesses should be aware of the following factors: 

    • Product selection 
    • Display and presentation of products 
    • Product price point 
    • Customer expectation 

    Customers who visit an online retailer may browse the site and find items that they believe will meet their needs. However, these customers may change their mind when they are ready to make a purchase. If customers expect to find a product but don’t see it, they may feel like the retailer is hiding the product from them. Customers may feel like the products they want to purchase are out of stock or that they can’t find the item they want. 

    This can lead to customers leaving the website without making a purchase. It is important that customers are able to find the product they are looking for and easily navigate the website. 

    In addition, customers should be able to find products that fit their needs and budget. If customers can’t find products that meet their needs or are turned off by the prices, they may not make a purchase.


    Our List of the 5 Top Upsell Tools for Shopify

    1. UpOrder

    With UpOrder, you can leverage your most important email channel—Shopify email notifications—to get customers to make repeat purchases. This includes all of the emails that the top upselling tool sends out on your behalf, such as Order Confirmations, Shipping Updates, Account Welcomes, and 25 more. Instead of basic Shopify email notifications, you can use fully customized email templates that feature product recommendations and time-sensitive discounts to boost sales after the initial purchase.


    • Ability to add recommended products based on product category or past purchases
    • Drive urgency by creating time-sensitive discounts in emails
    • Create compelling emails with a simple-to-use drag and drop email designer
    • Easy-to-use – zero coding skills needed
    • Track performance with details reports and analytics


    UpOrder, formerly known as Spently, offers a flexible pricing plan. The first 25 orders are free. E-commerce store owners will need to pay $10 for every 50 orders after that up to the first 1000 orders.


    2. OrderBump

    OrderBump is one of the best upsell tools for Shopify websites. It is available on Shopify Store. The app lets Shopify store owners create flexible rules for automating offer clubbing based on the products in the cart, product tag, vendor, and more. You can even check how each product has performed, the revenue generated through the upsell app, and more.


    • Custom rule engine
    • Available as a widget
    • Real-time analytics
    • Detailed installation guide


    The popular Shopify upsell app offers a 14-day free trial. Shopify store owners will need to pay $39 per month after that.


    3. LimeSpot

    Limespot stands out from other providers as it uses its data from all its customers to customize the experience for each consumer. It is one of the best upsell platforms because it examines the past purchasing patterns of not only its own store but also related items and even rival businesses. The advanced AI engine pulls together full directory information with the customer’s search and purchase decisions to provide personalized content for each individual.


    • Personalization of audience in real-time
    • Intuitive visual editor
    • AI and machine learning algorithms to create upsell suggestions automatically
    • SMS and email product recommendations


    This top upsell app for Shopify offers a 15-day trial. Paid plans are available from $18 per month.

    4. One Click Upsell

    If you want to increase your average order value and total revenue, you should create more offers in different locations. One Click Upsell makes it easy for you to offer pre-purchase, in-cart and post-purchase upsells that are optimized. Also, you don’t need any coding knowledge since it has a built-in split-testing feature for better results. All you have to do is select the product you want to offer, personalize it and publish it. That’s how you can maximize the checkout experience from start to finish.


    • Customers are not required to re-enter their payment information
    • Built for mobile
    • Create unlimited upsell opportunities


    The popular Shopify upsell app comes with a 30-day free trial. Paid plans start from $35 per month.


    5. Zoorix

    Zoorix is one of the most popular e-commerce upsell apps for Shopify. It is designed to accelerate sales and boost product adoption. Shopify store owners do not need any coding knowledge. You can easily create compelling slideshows and incentivize users to purchase products with bundle discounts or volume discounts. 


    • No coding knowledge required 
    • Send personalized recommendations in the cart
    • No commissions on sales
    • AI-powered platform 


    The popular ecommerce upsell app comes with a free plan that lets you accept up to 50 orders. Paid plans start from $7.99 per month.


    Shopify store owners can track the success of the top upsell tools by monitoring revenue. If revenue increases after implementing an upsell tool, it means the tool is having a positive impact. It’s also important that businesses track the average order value of each purchase. While revenue may increase after implementing an upsell tool, average order value may actually decrease if customers are adding more items to their cart without spending more money. This means that the upsell tool isn’t effective. We hope our list of the 5 top upsell tools for Shopify will help you drive additional sales and maximize revenue from each customer purchase. 

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